Rules and Procedures

Rules & Procedures

Disclaimers & FYI’s

  1. All players in ‘Draft Divisions’ MUST be rated. NO EXCEPTIONS. Registering alone does not secure a spot. Make sure to get kids to the announced Rating Day. Unrated kids will be placed on the waitlist. 
  2. Games could be played on Saturdays or Sundays. Game days will be released before draft night. 
  3. During the season, games and times might be affected, depending on court availability. 
  4. During Playoff Weekend, there will be games on Saturday(s) and Sunday(s). On rare occasions, there may be a couple of weeknight games. 
  5. Practice times, if any, are selected by the team’s respective coaches only. 
  6. BHBL, its Board of Directors, and the Commissioner can refuse service to any Coach or Player. 
  7. In the spirit of parity, if teams are unbalanced, Division Directors and/or the Commissioner, reserve the right to move players around (up to Playoff Weekend) in an attempt to make teams proportional in talent. 
  8. All players will try their best and play their best at Rating Day. Players who attempt to “tank” their ratings, WILL BE REJECTED and not allowed to play. Division Directors and the Commissioner have the final say. 
  9. The BHBL has a strict ZERO TOLERANCE Policy towards ANY form of unsportsmanlike behavior towards any Player, Coach, Referee, Scorekeeper or Board Member. 
  10. Board Members and Coaches are all volunteers. Referees and Scorekeepers are doing their best. Respect shall be given to them at all times.

Thank you for volunteering your time and effort to coach the youth of the BHBL. We understand that one-sided games can challenge coaches, players, parents, and officials. In these situations, it is crucial to uphold the principles of positive coaching, which emphasize not just winning but also teaching life lessons through sports.


The BHBL promotes being a Double-Goal Coach, which means striving to win while imparting valuable life lessons and respecting the game. Here are some coaching strategies to consider when facing an uncompetitive game situation, whether your team is leading or trailing:

  • Ensure that all roster players receive equal playing time regardless of skill level.
  • Provide more playing time to less skilled players.
  • You can focus on creating scoring opportunities for your less talented players.
  • Avoid using high-pressure or pressing defenses.
  • Please don’t aggressively steal the ball from the opponent.
  • You can encourage your players to defend with their feet, not their hands.
  • Play a loose man-to-man or zone defense to give opponents opportunities to score.
  • Emphasize respectful behavior by discouraging showboating and trash-talking.
  • You can slow down the pace of your offense, avoiding fast breaks.
  • Work on offensive plays that involve all your players, providing opportunities for less skilled players to score.
  • Please respect the officials’ calls and avoid talking with them.
  • Remember that being a Double-Goal Coach is a privilege and an honor. Always respect that privilege and honor the game.
  • Be a disciplined coach who prioritizes coaching for mastery and personal improvement.
  • You can focus on filling your players’ emotional tanks by encouraging them to learn and grow rather than simply winning on the scoreboard.
  • Encourage your players to embrace the ELM Tree of Mastery, which involves giving their best effort, having a teachable spirit, and not fearing mistakes.
  • Could you remind your players that they can control their effort, attitude, and response to mistakes, even if they can’t control the final score?

We also strongly recommend having conversations with team parents about the BHBL philosophy. Encourage parents to be Second-Goal Parents who support their children’s efforts and focus on the life lessons their kids gain from their BHBL experience. 

Regardless of the scoreboard, parental support fosters a positive environment for young athletes.


  • Any player who incurs a Technical foul will forfeit the remainder of their playing time for that segment.
  • In the Minor and Major Girls divisions, there is an update to the rules regarding backcourt pressure. Backcourt pressure will now be allowed during these divisions’ last two minutes of the game.
  • In divisions where backcourt pressure is not initially permitted, the following procedure will be followed for a team’s first offense: the ball will be placed out of bounds at the spot of the crime, and a warning will be issued to the offending team.
  • A team’s second offense will result in a personal foul being assessed by the individual player responsible.
  • If, in the official’s judgment, there is a persistent violation of this rule, the player may receive a technical foul, which carries consequences.
  • All players must wear the league-issued uniform for the current season to all games.
  • Players found out of uniform will be charged with a personal foul, and the opposing team will be awarded one point.
  • On the second occasion, a player is out of uniform, two personal fouls will be recorded, and two points will be awarded to the opposing team.
  • If a uniform is lost, the player must promptly notify the league to take appropriate measures to obtain a replacement uniform.
  • Players who attend three games without their proper uniform, without prior written notification to the league regarding the missing or lost uniform, will face suspension from the next game.

Playoff Must Play Rules

The Beverly Hills Basketball League (BHBL) employs a Playoff Must Play Rule (PMPR) during playoff games. The PMPR serves several essential purposes:

  • Balancing Playing Time: It ensures a fair distribution of playing time, especially when teams have varying numbers of players at a game.
  • Promoting Punctuality: The PMPR reinforces the importance of players being at their games at least 15 minutes before kickoff.

This concept aligns with our Positive Coaching principle of “ROOTS,” where BHBL participants honor the game by respecting the “R” rules, their “O” opponents, the “O” officials, their “T” teammates, and their “S” selves. 

Respecting teammates involves being punctual for games and communicating effectively with coaches.

Parents, we kindly request your support in honoring the game and upholding the “ROOTS” of BHBL basketball. One way to do so is by ensuring your BHBL players arrive at their games at least 15 minutes before kickoff.

For our double-elimination playoff format, we have established the following PMPR:

# of Players Regular Season Must Play Rule “MPR” Playoff Must Play Rule “PMPR”
10 Ten play 4 Min 3, Max 5
9 Five play 4, 4 play 5 Min 3, Max 5
8 8 play 5 Min 3, Max 5
7 Five play 6, 2 play 5 Min 3, Max 6
6 4 play 7, 2 play 6 Min 3, Max 7
5 5 play 8 Min 3, Max 8


  • When both teams have equal players, the regular season MPR applies to both teams.
  • If one team has fewer players than their opponent, the team with more players may choose to use the PMPR, although it is not mandatory.
  • A team opting for the PMPR must adhere to the number of players their opponent is playing with.
  • Late arrivals to a game must play at least half of the remaining segments. A player is considered delinquent if they arrive after the game’s start.
  • Player replacements for injured players are not counted towards segments played.
  • If a player fouls out, the coach must select the player with the fewest segments played as the replacement.
  • The MPR and PMPR rules do not apply to overtime periods.