Parents Corner

The Heartbeat of the Beverly Hills Basketball League

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Gratitude and a Warm Welcome

We begin with heartfelt appreciation for your commitment as a parent in our league. Your active involvement and unwavering support are the life force of our community. We can't thank you enough for being an integral part of this recreational, volunteer-driven league. Together, we form a closely-knit family and community, all working to ensure our kids lead active, enriching lives.

The Essence of Parenting in the BHBL

As a BHBL parent, you're not just a spectator in the stands, but a vital contributor to the experiences and growth of our young players. Here's a glimpse of what your role entails:

  • Inspire and Encourage: Your presence in the stands is an inspiration to our youth. Your encouragement motivates them to give their best, week after week.
  • Fostering Sportsmanship and Character: The values of good sportsmanship and the strong character you exemplify are instilled in our players, leaving a lasting impact that extends beyond the basketball court.
  • Team Building: Your support fosters a sense of unity among the parents and players, enriching our sense of community.

Child Well-being: With your active participation, we can rest assured that our children are in a safe and nurturing environment where their personal development is the top priority.

Age Requirements and Involvement

In addition to our fantastic volunteer coaches, we also welcome parent involvement. Mentor parents (ages 14-20, dependent on the division) are encouraged to actively participate alongside a coach who meets the age requirement.

Mandatory Meetings

We encourage all parents to attend our Introductory Parent Meeting and Positive Parenting Workshop. Your input and attendance are highly valued. The dates are provided under "Important Dates."

Responsibilities and Expectations

As a parent in the BHBL, we look to you to:

  • Foster Positivity and Fun: Ensure a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for your child and their teammates. Remember, it's all about having fun!
  • Attend Mandatory Meetings: Your presence at these meetings ensures that you are well-informed and connected with the BHBL community.
  • Support Team Administration: Volunteering as a 'Team Admin' can significantly aid team communication, scheduling, snacks, and other logistics. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • Encourage a Strong Start: Help set a positive tone for the season by actively participating in the initial team meeting.
  • Uphold High Standards: Maintain high standards for your child and encourage fair play, good sportsmanship, and respect for all involved.
  • Zero Tolerance: Uphold a zero-tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct by any volunteer, player, family member, or spectator. Our league thrives on respect and camaraderie.
  • Open Communication: We are here to support you. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to reach out.

A Closing Note of Deep Appreciation

Our shared goal is to ensure our players have a fantastic time, develop new friendships, feel motivated, experience the importance of teamwork, and look forward to the next season. Your involvement as a parent helps set a positive example for everyone in our community. We wholeheartedly thank you for your significant contribution.

Let's work together to make this season another chapter in our ongoing story of community, friendship, and personal growth. As a united team, we play hard, play fair, and create lasting memories. Thank you for being a vital part of this incredible journey!